Jonathan Shaheen

J shaheen

Where were you born?

I am from Safed

What kind of studies do you work on?

My primary research objective is the development and GMP-production of fluorescent- and radiolabeled proteins in the treatment of oncologic and infectious diseases. Thereafter, I will contribute to two clinical studies, in which we apply the manufactured tracers in (first-in-human) phase 0, phase I and phase II clinical trials.

Why do you want to do research in this field?

During my study, I was impressed by the GMP quality systems developed for biologics. Therefore, I started working on lectin-based tracers during my master thesis, concluding with a state-of-art QC-system.

I will be using earlier developed QC-system for production of fluorescent-labelled WGA, which will be applied in phase II clinical trials for detection and treatment of dysplastic tissue in Barret’s esophagus.

In addition, I will be guiding the development of the 1D9 monoclonal antibody in the treatment of prosthetic joint infections. This will be realized by establishment of the QC-system for 1D9-pure, development and production of the radiolabeled 1D9_89-Zr and application in Staphylococcus aureus infections following Total Joint arthroplasty.

What is your background?

Pharmacy at the University of Groningen

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I have always loved writing poems and playing piano. When inspiration is scarce, I enjoy the company of a book or the joy of a game!