Imaging techniques

Camera 2019

Within the OMIG several state-of-the-art imaging instruments are available both for in vivo and ex vivo imaging. For preclinical applications animal models, fluorescent probes and all imaging instrumentation (i.e. PET, SPECT, MRI, confocal laser endomicroscopy and optical systems) is available at the UMCG.


Clinical camera prototypes for intraoperative imaging have been developed, tested and approved by the Investigational Research Board within the consortium UMCG/TUM (Technical University of Munich, prof Ntziachristos). For example, a custom-build fiber-based NIR fluorescence endoscopy platform was developed together with the University of Munich which was further developed by SurgVision B.V. This system provides real-time fluorescence and simultaneous white light imaging during endoscopy.

In addition, the fluorescence can be quantified in vivo using multi-diameter single fiber reflectance, single fiber fluorescence spectroscopy. For ex vivo tracer validation several systems such as the PEARL Imager or the Odyssey CLx flatbed scanner (both LI-COR) or fluorescence microscopy equipped for fluorescence in the NIR light spectrum are available. Besides the above mentioned imaging and quantification techniques we also use other novel techniques, such as optical coherence tomography and multispectral optoacoustic tomography.