Current Clinical Trials

Multiple clinical trials are ongoing in the Optical Molecular Imaging Group. The overview below shows which trials are currently running and their status.

COUGAR – Jouke van der Laan and Boudewijn de Vries

Perihilar cholangiocarcinoma detection using an intraoperative and endoscopic fluorescence guided approach using Bevacizumab-800CW.

Started July 2018. Currently enrolling patients.


ORCA – Iris Schmidt and Anne van der Waaij

Fluorescence molecular endoscopy for response monitoring of esophageal cancer patients after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy using bevacizumab-800CW.

Started November 2018, currently enrolling patients.


ESCEND – Ruben Gabriëls and Wouter Hooghiemstra

Phase II near-infrared fluorescent endoscopy in combination with Bevacuzimab-IRDye800CW to visualize HD white light invisible dysplastic esophageal lesions.

Started July 2019. Last patient in April 2022.


VISION – Ruben Gabriëls and Anne van der Waaij

Phase I feasibility study investigating vedoluzimab distribution and detection vedoluzimab target cells in patient with inflammatory bowel disease.

Started January 2020. Last patient in April 2022.


TRACT-II – Anne van der Waaij and Wouter Hooghiemstra

Visualization of treatment response using cetuximab-800CW during fluorescence endoscopy in rectal cancer.

Started November 2020. Last patient in January 2022.


DEPARTURE – Iris Schmidt

The DEPARTURE study evaluates the feasibility of using intraoperative fluorescence imaging for the detection of bevacizumab-800CW accumulation in pituitary neuroendocrine tumor tissue.

Started November 2020, currently enrolling patients.


Pre-CLOVER – Eline Feitsma

Utilizing Indocyanine Green (ICG) during total thyroidectomy for the purpose of parathyroid gland identification and preservation by means of fluorescence-guided surgery.

Started November 2020, currently enrolling patients.


DEFENCE – Sara Hone-Lopez and Andrea Sterkenburg

Studying the gut immune system and its changes during immunotherapy to understand the determinants of immunotherapy respons.

Started November 2021, currently enrolling patients.


TARGET-Beva – Eline Feitsma

Margin and metastatic lymph node detection in patients with thyroid carcinoma, utilizing the fluorescent tracer Bevacizumab-IRDye800CW and the Quest Platform Camera system for in vivo imaging.

Started December 2021, currently enrolling patients.


GLANS – Thom Nijboer

Visualization and resection margin assessment of penile carcinoma using the fluorescent tracer cetuximab-800CW and Surgvision camera system.

Started March 2022, currently enrolling patients.


SELECT – Femke van der Zant and Eline Feitsma

Detection of tumor tissue in peritoneal metastases of colorectal origin using Bevacizumab-IRDye800CW during diagnostic laparoscopy

Started May 2022, currently enrolling patients.


LUMINA – Bianca Dijkstra

ESCEND lesion esophagus | OMIG