Dr. Milou Noltes

Where were you born?

Hengelo, the Netherlands

What kind of studies do you work on?  

Nuclear, optical, and optoacoustic imaging of parathyroid and thyroid diseases aiming to improve surgical outcomes

Why did you want to do research in this field?

This specific field of research gives me the unique opportunity to conduct fundamental and clinical research in not only (endocrine)surgery, but also medical imaging, which requires a multidisciplinary and multicenter approach.

What is your background/did you study?

Medicine at the University of Groningen

What relevant experiences did you gain during your study?        

During my study, I gained insight into issues/problems in real clinical practice whereby new research questions occurred to me. My study also allowed me to be in contact with the patient population that I investigate.

What do you like to do when you are not working?        

Kitesurfing and crossfit.

Portrait Milou Noltes | OMIG