Ruben Gabriels

Where were you born?           


What kind of studies do you work on?             

ESCEND study: In this study, we evaluate the performance of fluorescence molecular endoscopy with topical administration of Bevacizumab-800CW to detect (pre)malignant Esophageal lesions in patients with a Barrett’s Esophagus.

VISION study: This study aims to elucidate the mechanism of action of the biological drug Vedolizumab for the treatment of patients with IBD.

Why did you want to do research/work in this field?

I think Optical Molecular Imaging has great potential for the near future to treat patients with several diseases. With my background, I am mostly interested in gastrointestinal diseases. This type of research is an excellent opportunity for me to combine my passion with highly relevant and interesting research issues and novel imaging techniques.

What is your background?    

I am a Medical Doctor and I previously worked as a clinical resident (not in training) at the department of gastroenterology and hepatology.

What relevant experiences did you gain during your study?   

  • The dedication and hope of patients to participate in scientific research.
  • How hard it can be to interpret different research results in and between patients.
  • How much fun it can be if you have nice results and can improve patient outcomes using these new Imaging techniques

What relevant experiences did you gain in your prior career?

The great need for new imaging and treatment techniques to improve the quality of life of patients with malignancies in the GI tract and Inflammatory bowel diseases.

What do you like to do when you are not working?   

Kickboxing, Kitesurfing, Cycling, playing Saxophone, and travelling.

Portrait Ruben Gabriëls | OMIG