Ymke van Ginkel


What is your name?

Ymke van Ginkel


Where were you born?

Emmen, the Netherlands. I grew up in a small place in the province of Groningen called Ter Wisch.


What kind of studies do/will you work on?

I will contribute to a study that uses a fluorescent tracer in patients with psoriasis or IBD to evaluate drug distribution, with the goal of improving treatment strategies. Furthermore, I will investigate fluorescent endoscopy in patients with esophageal cancer.


Why do you want to do research/work in this field?

In my final gastroenterology internship, I heard about the OMIG research group and the groundbreaking research that they are doing. I hope I will gain more experience with clinical research and contribute to improving treatment strategies in patients with IBD.


What is your background/did you study?

I studied Medicine in Groningen.


What relevant experiences did you gain during your study?

The internships I did for my study allowed me to follow the patient population I will now be investigating. Besides studying I did a board year at the study association of Medicine which allowed me to expand my organizational skills.


What do you like to do when you are not working?

I like to read, swim, surf and listen to music.