Upcoming: PhD defense Iris Schmidt

Iris Schmidt | OMIG

Iris Schmidt will defend her PhD on the 31st of May at 12:45, at the academy building of the University of Groningen. The title of her thesis is: “Quantitative fluorescence molecular endoscopy – a multidimensional approach for cancer detection.” The online defense can be followed via this link and the thesis can be found online.


Fluorescence molecular endoscopy has the potential to improve lesion identification, evaluate therapy response, and image biological distribution of medications. However, for extensive use of this technique within the clinical field, standardization and quantification of the fluorescence signal is essential. Quantitative fluorescence molecular endoscopy (qFME) combines the best of two worlds. Wide-field fluorescence imaging allows for a general overview of the fluorescence signal and identifies regions of interest. This thesis investigates the optimization and implementation of quantitative fluorescence molecular endoscopy into standard clinical care. The first part of this thesis focuses on standardization of both wide-field fluorescence endoscopy and reflectance spectroscopy, whereas the second part discusses the clinical application of quantitative fluorescence molecular endoscopy in multiple clinical fields.

Front matter PhD thesis Iris Schmidt