Upcoming: PhD defense Jaron de Wit

Portrait Jaron de Wit | OMIG

Jaron de Wit will defend his PhD on the 10th of May at 12:45, at the academy building of the University of Groningen. The title of his thesis is: “Fluorescence molecular imaging during head and neck cancer surgery – Visualising the invisible.” The online defense can be followed via this link and the thesis can be found online.


This thesis discusses intraoperative fluorescence molecular imaging in different fields of surgical oncology. Tumor-positive resection margins, where residual cancer tissue remains after surgery, drastically reduce survival. For surgeons, it is challenging to intraoperatively distinguish tumor tissue from healthy tissue in the margin. We have shown exquisite sensitivity for the detection of tumor-positive margins in patients with oral cancer. In addition, the potential of this technique to distinguish healthy tissue from cancerous tissue in patients with skin cancer, and the detection of lymph node metastases has been established. 

Front matter PhD thesis Jaron de Wit